Kinnaird College for Women Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

Kinnaird College for Women Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd.Kinnaird College for Women admission Will started in month of september and Merit List will be Upload in the month of October . For the latest updates visiting our page.Kinnaird College for Women (KCW) is a university located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a women’s liberal arts university. Kinnaird founds in 1913 by the Zenana Bible and Healing Mission. But In 1919, the Presbyterian Mission Church and the Church Mission Society joined a consortium to fund and administer the college. So In 1926, it moved to its current campus on Jail Road, So where it developed over the years. So And by 1939 the college had grown into a 20-acre (81,000 m) campus.

Kinnaird College for Women Merit List 2024

Kinnaird College for Women Merit List 2024
1BS Accounting & Finance – Open Merit ListView-Download
2BS Applied Linguistics – Open Merit ListView-Download
3BS Biochemistry – Open Merit ListView-Download
4BS Botany – Open Merit ListView-Download
5BS Chemistry – Open Merit ListView-Download
6BS Economics – Open Merit ListView-Download
7BS Environmental Sciences – Open Merit ListView-Download
8BS Genetics – Open Merit ListView-Download
9BS Geography – Open Merit ListView-Download
10BS Physics – Open Merit ListView-Download
11BS Political Sciences – Open Merit ListView-Download
12BS Statistics – Open Merit ListView-Download
13BS Urdu – Open Merit ListView-Download
14BS Zoology – Open Merit ListView-Download
15M.Phil Accounting & Finance – Merit ListView-Download
16M.Phil Biochemistry – Merit ListView-Download
17M.Phil Biotechnology – Merit ListView-Download
18M.Phil Business Administration – Merit ListView-Download
19M.Phil International Relations – Merit ListView-Download
20M.Phil Media Studies – Merit ListView-Download
21M.Phil Political Science – Merit ListView-Download

The college names after Mary Jane Kinnard, a co-founder of the YWCA and a great philanthropist of her time. What is now the university establishes in the early 20th century when it places adjacent to Kinnaird High School. In 2002, the college gives the status of a government degree conferring institution. And its administration hands over to the Kinnaird College Association. The Board of Governors runs its administration.Kinnaird College for Women Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd.

Kinnaird College for Women Admission Merit Lists 2024

But In 1928, Isabella became the principal of McNair College. McNair believed that women’s education should be intellectually equal to men’s and encouraged alumni to be active in public life. During the 1930s, admission standards, teacher/student ratio, extra-curricular activities, and fees The schedule separated Kinnaird as the most prestigious women’s college in the area. The demographics also shifted with the majority of students now coming from middle to upper-class Hindu families, from a leading women’s college to an English one.

After partition in 1947, Punjab Senate University decided to replace English with Urdu as the medium of instruction and examination for higher education. Despite this change, Kinnaird continued to offer higher education to women in newly created Pakistan and included science courses, typing, nursing, and social work in its curriculum. Although Partition changed the student body significantly, with Muslims, the minority in Kinnaird before 1947, now becoming a major majority. In 1972, the Pakistani government nationalized all private schools and colleges, including Kinnaird. In 2002, Kinnaird college gives Charter of Degree Awarding institutions,s and the board of governors set up to run its administration.