I.COM Part 2 Accounting Pairing Scheme 2024

I.COM Part 2 Accounting Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Board.Are you looking for 12th class principles of Accounting Paper Scheme ? If so, your search ends here because we need you. Below, on this web page, you will find a paper scheme for accounting course principles for the academic year. Scroll down to see it. If you are looking for paper schemes for different courses, do a quick search on our website. On educatehill you can find various paper schemes and other student resources designed just for you.I.COM Part 2 Accounting Pairing Scheme All Punjab Board.

I.COM Part 2 Accounting Pairing Scheme

I.COM Part 2 Accounting Pairing Scheme 2024 View-Download

Principles of Accounting Paper Pattern of I-Com Part 2

From the following table, you can check the paper pattern of principles of accounting part 2 according to Punjab Board examination in 2024 :

I.Com Part 2 Accounting Pairing Scheme Punjab Board

(For Lhr,Guj,Mtn,Shw,Bwp,Sgd,Rwp,Fsd,Dgk)


chapter 152MCQs
chapter 161 MCQ
chapter 172MCQs
chapter 181MCQ
chapter 191 MCQ
chapter 202 MCQ
chapter 211 MCQ
chapter 221MCQ
chapter 232 MCQs
chapter 241 MCQ
chapter 252 MCQs
chapter 261 MCQ
chapter 271 MCQ

Short Questions Section


Chapter 151Questions
Chapter 162 Questions
Chapter 183 Questions
Chapter 261 Questions
Chapter 271Questions


Chapter 171 Questions
Chapter 222 Questions
Chapter 233 Questions
Chapter 251Questions


Chapter 192 Questions
Chapter 201 Questions
Chapter 212 Questions
Chapter 241Questions

Long Questions

Question 5(a) Chapter 15; (b) Chapter 25
Question 6(a) Chapter 16 ; (b) Chapter 20
Question 7(a) Chapter 17 ; (b) Chapter 27
Question 8(a) Chapter 18 ; (b) Chapter 22
Question 9(a) Chapter 19 ; (b) Chapter 24
Objective TypeSubjective Type
Total Marks20Total Marks80
Time Allowed30 minutesTime Allowed2:30 hrs
Number of MCQs20Number of Questions5
Distribution of MarksEach MCQ of 1 markDistribution of MarksAttempt 5 short questions out of 8 having 10 marks
Total20 MCQs Attempt 5 short questions out of 8 having 10 marks
   Attempt 3 long questions out of 6 having 60 marks. Each question has 20 marks.
  Total80 marks

Course introduction

In this course, you will learn about the principles of accounting. You will learn about topics such as incomplete records, non-commercial concerns, consignments, depreciation, partnerships, and company accounts. These titles are detailed and each chapter has several subheadings outlined in the pairing scheme. If you want to know more about what is included in this course, read 12th class paper scheme .

Learn with pairing schemes.

When you start studying the principles of the accounting course, you should also refer to its paper scheme. Many students attribute their success to the use of paper schemes. It is very important to prepare for your exam with the diagnostic scheme. this is because; A paper scheme sheds light on all the topics that a student has to prepare for before taking his final exams.

With just one glance, students know exactly what they need to study, which becomes a stimulus to eliminate the topics listed in the pairing scheme. Furthermore, it is strongly stated on the paper scheme that all the questions and MCQs will be given under the headings mentioned in the assessment scheme. In addition, it is important to note that the paper schemes are the same in all the boards of Punjab. Therefore, D.G. Board, Bahawalpur Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Board, Lahore Board or any other board which comes under Punjab Board uses the same paper schemes.

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