I.Com Part 1 Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Board

I.Com Part 1 Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Board.The 1st year 2024 Paper Scheme has been prepare by the Punjab Board of Education to facilitate and assist the students in their examination preparations, especially in the preparation of the annual examination. There are many more names for pairing 11th class 2024 such as assessment scheme or paper scheme. For each course, there is a paper scheme to support it. For example, there is a diagnostic scheme in physics or a pairing scheme in chemistry.I.Com Part 1 Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Board.

I.Com Part 1 Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

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1st Year 2024 Punjab Board Paper Scheme

Before the annual exams begin, students need a first year peering scheme 2024 to properly prepare for their exams. This peering scheme of 1st year 2024 is upload by Punjab Board immediately before the final examinations. If you are looking for a paper scheme, this is the right place to look because we have uploaded the relevant paper scheme of Punjab Board 1st year 2024 for each article.

For all the Boards of Punjab such as BISE Lahore, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Faisalabad, BISE DG Khan, BISE Multan, and BISE Bahawalpur, a first year paper scheme 2024 has been formulate.The Balochistan Board has not yet issued any paper scheme while the AJK Board is following the Punjab Board for the 11th class paper scheme.

I.Com Part 1 Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

(For Lhr,Guj,Mtn,Shw,Bwp,Sgd,Rwp,Fsd,Dgk)


chapter 151MCQ
chapter 161 MCQ
chapter 172MCQs
chapter 182MCQs
chapter 192 MCQs
chapter 202 MCQ
chapter 211 MCQ
chapter 221MCQ
chapter 232 MCQs
chapter 241 MCQ
chapter 252 MCQs
chapter 261 MCQ
chapter 271 MCQ

Short Questions Section


Chapter 152 Questions
Chapter 162 Questions
Chapter 183 Questions
Chapter 261 Questions
Chapter 272 Questions


Chapter 173 Questions
Chapter 222 Questions
Chapter 233 Questions
Chapter 252 Questions


Chapter 192 Questions
Chapter 201 Questions
Chapter 212 Questions
Chapter 241Questions

Long Questions

Question 5(a) Chapter 15; (b) Chapter 25
Question 6(a) Chapter 16 ; (b) Chapter 20
Question 7(a) Chapter 17 ; (b) Chapter 27
Question 8(a) Chapter 18 ; (b) Chapter 22
Question 9(a) Chapter 19 ; (b) Chapter 24

Pairing Scheme 1st Year 2024

There are many reasons to adopt 11th class Paper Scheme 2024 in the study of all your subjects like 1st year Physics Peering Scheme 2024 . The main objective of the Paper Scheme is to outline all the topics which will be include in the annual examination in a comprehensive manner. Style. With just a glance, students can immediately learn what they need to prepare and learn to succeed in their exams.

Prepare with first year paper scheme.

An added benefit of the first year of the Pairing Scheme 2024 is that they enable you to better prepare for the final exams. Because of the paper scheme, you can make a clear list of topics that you do not understand properly and work to complete these ideas. Paper schemes allow you to prepare well for your exams which is not possible otherwise. Browse through this webpage to get the latest first year pair scheme for the 2024 academic year.

You can also see first year English and first year Urdu paper patterns on this page. In addition, the diagnostic schemes enable you to organize and plan your studies as they tell you all the areas of competency that the students taking the exam on the day of the exam will take the exam so that any questions during the exams will be asked to you. Don’t be surprised

Paper pattern of 11th class 2024

Now you can get 1st year 2024 paper pattern with paper schemes according to all 11th class subjects. From the links above, you can go directly to the required paper pattern of all 11th class subjects 2024 , including FSc Part 1, FA Part 1. I.Com Part 1 and ICS Part 1. To pass the final exam, students need to know the latest 1st year paper pattern 2024 . The reason behind this is that it draws students’ attention to the topics that will appear on their papers.

Be clear about what will be tested on exam day; Provides clear guidance to students on what they need to study. It gives them clear goals to achieve in their exams. 11th Class Paper Pattern 2024 is available on this website. Furthermore, students should know that all the boards coming under Punjab Board, such as Lahore Board, Multan Board, Shahiwal Board, etc., follow the same paper pattern as per Punjab Board.

ICOM Part 1 Pairing Scheme 2024
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