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11th Class Islamiat Notes 2024 All Punjab Board.11th Class Islamiat Notes 2024 All Punjab Board.Intermediate students read this article in Part 1. Islamic Studies is a simple subject which can be easily prepared through notes. The world of knowledge is providing you with the best notices of first year Islamic studies, online notices of 11th grade Islamic studies. The world of knowledge is providing you with the best means of preparation.11th Class | 1st Year Islamiat Notes 2024 All Punjab Board.The first year Islamic Notice Punjab Board which is providing you is very useful for your preparation. These eleventh grade Islamic studies notes will definitely help you to get good marks. These notes for the first year of Islamic studies have been prepared by highly educated teachers and after consultation with various books. Eleventh grade Islamic studies notes are available in PDF form. Easy to download.

11th Class Islamiat PDF Notes
ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1ToheedUrdu Medium
2RisalatUrdu Medium
3MaalikaUrdu Medium
4Asmani KitabeUrdu Medium
5AkhratUrdu Medium
6Irqane IslamUrdu Medium
7Allah Rasool(S.A.W) ki Mohabt o ItaatUrdu Medium
8Haqooqal EbadUrdu Medium
9Mashrte ZimadarianUrdu Medium
10Rehmatul AlameenUrdu Medium
11AkhowatUrdu Medium
12MasawatUrdu Medium
13Sabr o IstaqalUrdu Medium
14Afowo DarguzarUrdu Medium
15ZikarUrdu Medium
16Tarfe QuranUrdu Medium
17Tarfe HadeesUrdu Medium
18Muntkhib AyatUrdu Medium
19Muntkhib HadeesUrdu Medium

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The world of knowledge provides you with important materials for preparation. You can also get online video lectures on all subjects in the world of knowledge. Download first year Islamic studies notes and make sure you are well prepare.

11th Class Islamiat PDF Notes

In order to memorize all these points, it is very important to follow the learning strategies that are important for our examination. We can’t remember them all, so we need something to gather all this information. We can improve our skills by taking a record of important points which are commonly known as notes. First year notes can help you remember and save you valuable time. 11th grade productivity notes can give you a very high percentage. On this page, you will find the following notices:

11th Class Islamiat Notes 2024 All Chapter
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11th Class Notes 2024

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