1st Year Biology Guess Paper 2024 All Punjab Board

1st Year Biology Guess Paper 2024 All Punjab Board.Biology is the branch of science that deals with the study of life. Biology is an interesting subject that is also taught to 1st Year science students. This subject is compulsory for pre-medical students. Biology is considered an important discipline in science.

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1st Year Biology Guess Paper 2024 All Punjab Board

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1st Year Biology Guess Paper 2024 All Punjab Board


Differentiate b/w population & community

.How does theory differ from the law?

What is inte grated disease management?

Differentiate b/w chemo therapy, radio therapy & gene therapy.

What is hydro ponic technique? Give its importance.

Write a note on vaccina tion.

Define biome with an example.

Define phy letic lineage & biodi versity.

Differentiate b/w deduc tive reaso ning & induc tive reaso ning.


Define bio chem istry. Give its importance.

Differentiate b/w glyco sidic & peptide bond.

Define lipids. Give two roles of waxes

Differentiated b/w satura ted & un satura ted fatty acid. Give the structure of leci thin.


What is the active site of an enzyme?

Differentiate b/w apo enzyme & holo enzyme.

What are cof actor & acti vator of enzyme?

How does an enzyme accele rate a meta bolic reaction?

Write four character istics of enzymes.

What is induced fit model? Who pro posed this model?

How does high temperature affect enzyme activities?

What is the role of pH in enzyme action?

Give optimum pH values for any two enzyme actions?

What are enzyme inhibi tors? Give two examples.

Differentiate b/w reversi ble & irrever sible enzyme inhi bitors.

Differentiate b/w compe titive & non- competitive enzyme inhibi tors?


Write down salient features of cell theory.

Differentiate bw phagocytosis & pinocytosis.

Give chemical composition of primary & secondary cell wall

.Give three functions of smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

Define storage diseases with two examples.

What is location of centrioles in the cell & what is their role?

Differentiate b/w chromoplasts & leucoplasts.Differentiate b/w cisternae & cristae.

What are peroxisome, polysome & ribosome?


Define species & virology with examples.

Give biological classification of corn.

Differentiate b/w lytic phage & lysogenic phage.

Write down symtoms & prevention of hepatitis?


Write four postulates of germ theory.

What are mesosomes?Describe their function.

Write misuse of antibiotics.What are trichomes?

Give the structure & function of Heterocysts?

What are super blue-green algae?Give its importance.


What are choanoflagellates?

What are tritonymphs?Give their importance.

Write two characteristics of ciliates.

Differentiate b/w micronucleus & macronucleus.

Differentiate b/w foraminiferas & actinopods.

What are apicomplexans?Give one example.

How algae differ from plants?

What are red tides?

What are kelps?Name the parts of thaullus of a kelp.

Green algae are considered ancestral organism of green land plants,

why?What is chlorella?Give its significance.

What is importance of algae?


What are lichens? Give their ecolo gical importance.

Differentiate b/w karyogamy & plasmogamy.

Differentiate b/w rusts & smuts

.What is budding & para sexuality?

What are toad stools? Give example.

What is histo plasmosis? Give its causes.

Give scientific name of yeast used in genetic research.

Define hyphae. Give their two types.

What is mycor rhiza? Give its importance

What are dikaryotic hyphae? Give example


Why bryophytes plants are called amphibious plants?

How spores of mosses differ from spores of liver worts?

What is alternation of generation?Give its significance.

Why sphenopsida are called arthophytes?

Differentiate b/w microphylls & megaphylls.

Define double fertilization in angiosperms.Give its importance.

Differentiate b/w monocot stem & dicot stem.


Write the importance of sponges.

Define poly mor phism with example.

Write down the importance of corals.

Differentiate b/w infes tation & disin festations.

Write names and uses of any two useful insects.

Define nymph & metamorphosis.

Give three characteristics of chordates.

Give the role of swim bladder in bony fishes.Give two commercial importance of sharks.

Define regeneration & maderporite.

Write names and harms of any two harmful molluscus.


Define bioenergetics

Differentiate bw photosynthesis & respiration.

Define photosynthesis with equation.

What is compensation point? Where it occurs?

Write down the molecular formula for chlorophyll “a” and b”.

What are necessary pigments in plants? Give their importance.

Differentiate b/w absorption & action spectrum.

Differentiate b/w photosystem and photosystem

What is Z-scheme?

What is fermentation? Explain its types.


Distinguish b/w nutrients & nutrition

.Write components & functions of saliva.

Name various types of the salivary gland in man.

Differentiate b/w peristalsis & anti-peristalsis.

How hunger pangs are caused?

What is heart burn or pyrosis?

Name types of cells present in gastric glands.

What prevents the wall of stomach from being digested?

How secretion is produced in man?What is its effects on pancreas in man?

What is the role of liver in the digestion of food?


Differentiate b/w organismic and cellular respiration?

What is photorespiration?Name organelles involved in it.Write the names of its products.

What is rubisco.Write its importance.

Define respiratory surface.Give three properties.

Differentiate b/w cutaneous & pulmonary respiration in frog.

What are counter current exchange and parabronchi?

Differentiate b/w diaphragm and pleura.Name some respiratory disorder and explain one

.What is emphysema? Write its symptoms.

What is diving reflex


Differentiate b/w water potential & solute potential.

Differentiate b/w plasmolysis & deplasmolysis.

Differentiate b/w apoplast & symplast pathway.

Differentiate b/w single & double circuit heart.

What are blue babies?

What is brain hemorrhage?Give its two preventive measures.

1. (a).How study of biology helped mankind to improve production of food.

(b).Define cloning. Discuss its types & importance.

2. (a).Describe the importance of water of life.

3. (a).Describe primary & secondary structure of protein.(b).Compare DNA and RNA. Explain different types of RNA.
4. (a).Write a note on Endoplasmic reticulum.(b). What are plastids? Explain the structure & function of chloroplast
5. (a).Describe the structure and function of mitochondria.(b).Differentiate b/w prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells.
6. (a).Describe life cycle of a bacteriophage.(b).How HIV is transmitted? Give a sketch of infection cycle of HIV?

7. (a).Define hepatitis. Describe its symptoms, causes & types(b).Describe different classes of bacteria on the basis of flagela.
8. (a). Discuss the process of nutrition in bacteria.(b).Describe different physical & chemical methods to control bacteria.
9. (a).Write down characteristics of cyanobacteria.(b).Explain taxonomic status of fungi.

10. (a).Discuss different methods of asexual reproduction in fungi.

11. (a). Give adaptations of fungi on land.(b).Describe land adaptations of bryophytes.
12. (a). What is alternation of generation? Give its significance.(b).How the evolution of leaf took place?
13. (a).Enlist steps involved in the evolution of seed
14. (a).Draw and describe Calvin cycle in photosynthesis.(b).What is glycolysis? Sketch its various steps.
15. (a).Draw the sketch and explain Krebs cycle.(b).Give digestion in the cockroach.
16. (a).Describe digestion in oral cavity of man.(b).Describe absorption of digested food in small intestine.
17. (a). Write a note on (i) Anorexia nervosa (ii) Bulimia nervosa (iii) Obesity(b). Why transpiration is necessary evil?
18. (a).Explain various functions of human blood.(b).Describe lymphatic system. Write its functions.(C).Define immunity. Give its types

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Latest 1st Year Biology Guess Paper 2024 All Punjab Board

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