10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board.English is often considered a difficult subject so much effort is required to prepare this article. Through the paper scheme, candidates can get basic idea about the inclusion of questions from specific paper patterns and syllabus provided. The chapters included in the 10th class English peering scheme 2024 are Hazrat Muhammad as the embodiment of justice, try again, first aid, television vs. newspaper, peace (poetry), a world without books and loyalty.

10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board


Q.1      (a)        Choose the correct from verb and fill up the bubble-                         5 marks

            (b)        Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the bubble            4 marks

            (c)        Choose the correct meanings of underlined word and fill up            5 marks


(d)       Choose the correct option according to the grammar and fill up       5 marks

                        The bubble.    


Note:   The total marks of subjective part will be 56 and time will be 2:10 hrs.

                                                            SECTION – I

Q.2      Write Short Answers to any five of the following questions.                                                10

                                                            SECTION – II

Q.3      Translate into Urdu/Re-write into simple English from English.                                8

Q.4      Write down the summary of the poem. (From text Book)                                         5


Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to context.

Q.5      Write an Essay of 150- 200 words on any one of the following topics.                    15


            Write a paragraph of 100- 150 words on any one of the following topic.

Q.6      Change any five of the following sentences into indirect form.                                5

Q.7      Use any five of the following pairs of words in your own sentences.                       5                     

Q.8      Translate from Urdu into English Paragraph.                                                             8


            Write ten sentences about “A House of Fire”.

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English Paper Pattern of 10th Class 2024

From the following table, you can get to know the paper pattern of English 10th class according to the Punjab Board examination in 2024:

Objective TypeSubjective Type
Total Marks19Total Marks56
Time Allowed20  minutesTime Allowed2:10 hrs
Number of MCQs19Number of Questions7
Distribution of MarksGroup of 5 MCQsDistribution of MarksAttempt 5 questions out of 8 from English Textbook having 10 marks
 Group of 4 MCQs Translate paragraph OR rewrite in simple English having 8 marks
 Group of 5 MCQs The choice between Poem and Paraphrasing having 5 marks
 Group of 5 MCQs Write an essay out of 3 OR paragraphs having 15 marks
Total19 MCQs Direct Indirect having 5 marks
   Word sentences having 5 marks
   Translate paragraph into English OR Write 10 sentences on any topic having 8 marks
  Total56 marks

10th Class English Pairing Scheme Punjab Board. Students find it useful to analyze the importance and weight of each part of the course material. Although I addressed it as the Lahore Board of Directors, this scheme applies to all state boards of Punjab. All the boards of Punjab are following this plan.

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Official 10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2024

According to the guidelines issued, students will have to focus on vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, key to pronunciation, oral communication skills and writing skills. The 10th class English Paper Scheme 2024 provides all the details that make it easy for students to learn about the subjects that should be prepared before the exams.

However, in the grammar and composition section, students have to prepare essay writing, direct and indirect speech, word pairing, and translation. So before the exams make sure to check the syllabus as well as the paper scheme and consider this while planning for the preparation of 10th class annual exams 2024.